20 Essential Drum Transcriptions for the Modern Drummer

Francesco Vecchio
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Improve your drumming by studying the great masters, with a collection of some of the most remarkable songs every drummer should know. From jazz to pop, to rock and fusion, every sheet music is entirely transcribed note-for-note with an easy and clear interface, including a comprehensive notation key. 20 drum transcriptions plus extra content to inspire you to learn some of the most remarkable drum grooves and fills. A lifetime book for the modern drummer.

The book includes the drum transcriptions for Africa, Aja, Are You Real, Don't Speak, Fear of a Blank Planet, For Big Sid, Gaucho, Giorgio by Moroder, Good Times Bad Times, I Keep Forgettin', If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, La Villa Strangiato, Lido Shuffle, Lingus, Oasis, One for Joe, Rosanna, Schism, Seven Days, and YYZ.

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20 Essential Drum Transcriptions for the Modern Drummer

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